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The Healthi app is an Employee Wellbeing, Health, and Fitness app that is a platform developed for organizations that want to ensure the emotional wellness and physical fitness of their employees across all their offices.

The Healthi app is currently available as a white-labeled solution for any organization wanting to include it as a part of their employee wellness programs and soon will be opened up to all users.

It is an evolving platform with a lot of interesting features planned in the product roadmap.

The following are the high-level features in the current phase:

The app focuses on the employee’s holistic wellbeing. All employees across offices will be able to download the app on their phones.



Daily steps are tracked for the user and saved into the user’s profile. Additionally, users will have an option to add the following parameters daily:


Water IntakeWater Intake

Sleep HoursSleep Hours

Blood PressureBlood Pressure


Blood SugarBlood Sugar


Challenges & Leaderboards

There are Step Challenges every month that users can choose to participate in.

Team Challenge – Multiple Teams can be created using the backend CMS and users can be invited to join the team.

There will be leaderboards for teams.

Each challenge will also have a leaderboard system implemented. Using this, users can see their standing amongst their challenges. Likewise, in the Team challenge, the leaderboard will display the ranking of the teams from a particular location against other teams across their own as well as different locations.

Parameters for rank calculation

The app captures parameters like step count, calories burnt, Distance (in Km) covered both at an individual level as well as team level to be able to calculate the overall ranking of the individual as well as his/her team in comparison to the other players.

The app is programmed such that these parameters are captured even when the app is in the background or has not been launched by the user and the data gets synced/updated when the player launches the app.

Apple HealthKit and Google Fit Integration

Users can additionally integrate the app with HealthKit for iOS users and Google Fit for Android users. Users will be able to sync the data captured via HealthKit and Google Fit with the Healthi app.

Whenever the user syncs his/her data from their fitness bands with HealthKit or Google Fit, the data will also be synced with the app in the backend.

Apple HealthKit and Google Fit Integration


Push Notifications

Push Notifications are integrated into the app to send out updates via notifications to all the users regularly informing them about scenarios like the total number of steps covered, which team is in the lead, winners of a daily/weekly/fortnightly/ monthly challenge, as well as reminders to log their sleep, water intake, etc.

A physically fit and emotionally engaged employee is an invaluable asset to any organization.

If you are a business owner or a part of an organization’s HR function or even lead a team within an organization and would like to ensure that your team stays fit, is emotionally engaged and invested in their work, it is time to invest in employee welfare and fitness.

Reach out to us at and we will be happy to explore how we can collaborate with you to create custom, sustainable solutions for you and your organization’s overall health!