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Cogito Ergo Sum

Solutions leveraging AI-ML in Sustainability

  • Cogito Ergo Sum* – An app-based Phygital Ecosystem that leverages Computer-Vision and AI-ML for effective Waste Identification and Management.

At SUSTAIN AI we are also committed to making a positive change to our world in our way.

We are working on a platform for creating awareness about plastic pollution and curb/control the usage of plastic both at a consumer level as well as at an organizational level. Grappling with a massive problem, the only way we can fight this menace is to build a product that harnesses into a community platform.

The Product Idea is based on Connected Responsible Recycling which will not only focuses on Plastic but also other elements that get thrown around with it or in it. As Connected Responsible Recycling partners, we aim to achieve the following: –

  • Build a culture of recycling, starting with plastic but also include other items that are equally hazardous with Plastic.
  • Measure and track individual contributions to incentivize behaviour through gamification.
  • Create a responsible, empowered eco-system that connects the user to a recycling platform with the underlying technology.
  • Focus on segregation | identification | remove | recycle which would avoid the creation of dumps.
  • Will allow building a data-intelligence network that will empower central agencies to monitor | track | control the entire process and manage outcomes.